Mouthwash Is Great for Teeth

Taking care of your teeth is a quest that lasts a lifetime. Luckily, if you are diligent, the habit is formed and it makes it much easier to take care of your mouth. But what if you already have a habit of brushing twice a day for 2 minutes, and flossing once a day? What… Read more »

Improve the Appearance and Function of a Tooth With a Dental Crown

You can improve the look and function of a broken tooth and protect it from future harm by receiving a dental crown. Most teeth can be saved from extraction and the bits of broken tooth salvaged. Dental crowns bond to the remaining tooth structure and hold the bits together for a durable restoration that can… Read more »

Improve Your Smile With a Dental Bond

Not all damage to your teeth requires major repair work. One of the easiest, and least expensive treatments for problems like minor cracks, stains, unevenly spaced or oddly shaped teeth is a dental bond. A dental bond is usually placed in a single appointment, and unless your dentist needs to remove any tooth decay, there… Read more »

Whitening Strips or Whitening Toothpaste Might Help Maintain a White Smile

Having Dr. administer a dental bleaching treatment is often the most effective method for safely removing dental stains from your teeth. The special tools, professional techniques, and potent whitening agents at disposal can excise stains from your tooth enamel without risking harm to your teeth or soft oral tissues. Even after your teeth have been… Read more »

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

In recent years, dental implants have become very popular for replacing missing teeth. There are advantages to having implants. They look natural and blend in with the other teeth in your smile. You can brush and floss your implants, just as you do your regular teeth, and they do not need to be removed for… Read more »

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease — also defined as pyorrhea and periodontal disease — is an infection of the gums that hurts teeth when left untreated. Recognizing how this ailment impacts much of the population can help motivate and prep you to battle its damaging effects. Although we frequently group periodontal sicknesses under the umbrella term “periodontal disease,”… Read more »

Keeping Your Dentures Clean

If you wear dentures, you obviously don’t have to worry about getting cavities, but just because they are not natural teeth, that does not mean that you don’t have to keep them clean. Dentures collect food debris and bacteria just like normal teeth. You have an advantage when it comes to cleaning your dentures. Since… Read more »

A Dental Bridge Needs a Little Extra Oral Hygiene Care

A void left behind by a missing tooth can cause several complications beyond the obvious impairment to your ability to chew food. To prevent orthodontic complications and restore the full function of your mouth, Dr. can install a dental bridge into the void. This is a single piece of dental work that corresponds to the… Read more »

Try a Deep Cleaning to Fight Plaque and Tartar

You may brush your teeth twice a day, floss once each day, and use mouthwash on a regular basis, and still not get rid of the plaque that is on your teeth. The reason is that plaque is something that your mouth creates all on its own, and the battle against plaque is one that… Read more »

Are You Informed about Mouthwash?

Are you informed about mouthwash? Are you aware that mouthwash does not have a singular defining feature for your oral health care, and instead it can vastly differ in the services each product can provide for your smile? Although many mouthwash products claim to freshen breath and destroy bacteria, there are no guidelines regulating mouthwash… Read more »