Get Filled in on Fillings

A filling really is nothing more than a way to restore a tooth that has been damaged from decay. Dr. will remove the decayed tooth material, clean the area and fill in the space with filling material. By doing this, the tooth will be restored to its proper shape and function, and bacteria will be… Read more »

Protect Your Summer Smile with an Oral Cancer Screening

Protect your summer smile with an oral cancer screening. To ensure your oral health remains in tip top shape, get regular screenings to check for oral cancer, as over 40,000 people in America are diagnosed with the disease every year. Listed below are some of the most commonly found signs of oral cancer: – Check… Read more »

Restoring Your Smile with Complete or Partial Dentures

Whether you’re missing a single tooth are all of your teeth, dentures can return your smile to its full, bright, and shining form. Read below to find out about the differences between complete and partial dentures. COMPLETE DENTURES Complete dentures can replace all of your teeth! This kind of denture comes in two varieties: conventional… Read more »

Do You Maintain a Healthy Diet?

Do you maintain a healthy diet? You could be putting your teeth at an increased risk of damage according to what you eat. Many foods can increase the rate at which tooth decay can occur, while some can cause oral accidents or injuries to take place, and others can be so acidic that they eat… Read more »

The Battle Against Bruxism

The battle against bruxism can occur at any time. In fact, it might be going on right now and you would be completely unaware of it. This is because bruxism is a condition caused by grinding, gnashing, and clenching your teeth, often unconsciously and while asleep. Diagnosing bruxism can be difficult because it is so… Read more »

A Tooth Suffering with Significant Dental Attrition Might Need a Crown

Ideally, your teeth are designed to meet perfectly with the corresponding teeth in your unique bite pattern. Minor orthodontic alignment issues or tooth loss can gradually alter the way your teeth meet. As time goes by, the unnatural wear and tear on the tooth enamel can cause dental attrition. This textured area can cause heightened… Read more »

How to Keep Your Dental Implant in Tip-Top Shape

Just like your natural teeth, you need to take good care of your dental implant on a regular basis. Doing so can help your implant last for an entire lifetime. So, if you would like to know how to keep your implant in tip-top shape, our dental team encourages you to do the following things:… Read more »

All Superstar Smiles Include Daily Flossing Guidelines

Is your smile giving you problems that are not easily solved by brushing alone? Are food and snack particles hiding in between your teeth in those tight areas your brush cannot reach? Naturally, a combination of brushing and flossing together is much more efficient in maintaining top-notch oral health habits and ensuring your mouth is… Read more »

Bad Habits for Your Smile

If you want a top-notch oral health and a strong and healthy smile, then it’s best to take good care of your teeth and gums as much as possible. This means you should avoid bad habits that can harm your smile and alter your oral health. Those habits are: –Avoiding dental cleanings: Dental cleanings are… Read more »

Things to Know before Whitening Your Teeth

Are your teeth stained or yellowed? Do you yearn for a brighter, whiter smile? Teeth whitening in , , may be for you. At our office, we offer both in-office and take-home whitening for your convenience. However, there are some things you should discuss with Dr. before deciding to whiten your teeth. The following can… Read more »