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As people get older, their teeth often become more brittle. In some cases, some people may lose their teeth altogether. However, missing teeth can cause problems for your appearance and your oral health. So, it’s a wise idea to replace any missing teeth, and dentures may be a good choice for you.

Dentures can be crafted to replace a single tooth or an entire row of teeth. Dentures can’t get cavities, but it is important to keep them clean and well-cared-for. Ideally, they will need to be removed every night for cleanings. Soaking them in a denture cleaning solution or lukewarm water can be effective. Never use any abrasive products on your dentures such as whiteners or bleach. A mild dish or hand soap or a nonabrasive toothpaste or denture paste should be sued with a soft-bristled toothbrush Dentures can be broken, so you should wash them over a sink full of water or a towel to avoid breaking them if you drop them. If they do become damaged, you should have them repaired or replaced by your dentist.

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