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Are you informed about mouthwash? Are you aware that mouthwash does not have a singular defining feature for your oral health care, and instead it can vastly differ in the services each product can provide for your smile? Although many mouthwash products claim to freshen breath and destroy bacteria, there are no guidelines regulating mouthwash treatments, so benefits can vary greatly from product to product.

For more information about mouthwash, consider the following:

– Speak with your dentist to determine which mouthwash products are safe and can be used effectively.
– Some mouthwash services are highly effective at reducing plaque, removing food particles from your mouth, and washing away harmful bacteria and acids. However, no mouthwash product should ever be administered as a permanent replacement for brushing or flossing. Be sure to continue your normal daily habits and only supplement your oral health care with mouthwash.
– Seek out products that are approved by the American Dental Association with the ADA S

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